Here’s what some of my wonderful clients have to say about their experience with my work. Thank you to those who contributed – I am humbly honored.

“Meghan Quinn is the “real deal”.
I say that from my perspective of having been married to a Physical therapist/Felderkrais certified practitioner/cranial sacral worker for nearly 30 years.   Those decades brought me hours and hours of body & energy work from dozens of practitioners: some of whom (including my former wife) traveled internationally to improve their work.
There is a certain sense, a presence, a feel that is in the room, when you are with someone who has done their work and has deep, honest, healing intentions and energy.
I recently had a session with Meghan and she has “that presence”, I highly recommend her with my entire mind, spirit, breathe and bones.” Sincerely with much gratitude to Meghan, David Barajas

“As a previous recipient of Bowenwork I can honestly say Meghan is a natural. The work is powerful while the techniques are subtle, which facilitates the best outcome and empowers the body to establish balance.”  R. Jimenez

“I have been so impressed with Meghan’s skill and Bowen as a pain relief therapy for treating my chronic low back pain.  It seems so gentle, but it’s very effective.  I’ve recommended it to others who suffer with pain issues.” Mary Unrue

“Meghan is a gentle, intuitive healer who helped me navigate through a difficult time in my life. It is obvious to me that she deeply respects the profound nature of her work. When I received healing from her, I had the sense she accepted herself as both a teacher and a student in our interaction. This is rare in the world of healers and it was my privilege to experience it while in her care.” Katie Custer

“When I lay on Meghan’s table, she was in the early days of her Bowenwork training. A beginner. Nonetheless, her touch was sure and solid and I felt she knew what she was doing. Meghan’s affect is warm and professional and her healing energy is strong. It’s a pleasure to walk over her threshold and be gently guided to her healing space, which is aesthetically calm and beautiful. I have a knowing that as time passes, Meghan will be a very gifted Bowenwork practitioner. Thank you for the opportunity to share my testimonial.” Candyce Rappaport

“Bring her your poor tired aching body and she will make you feel right. I’ve been working with Meghan for several years, and whenever I’ve done my body wrong she helps me feel good again. Her space is professional but comfy and serene, and her hands are magic!” Sandra Lee Bronstein

“I believe there are two pieces to massage – the physical and spiritual. In my opinion, Meghan has a masterful command of both. As a long time runner, I have seen Meghan for over 10 years and her bodywork has kept me going through 3 marathons, countless trail runs, and thousands of miles. Meghan’s greatest asset lies in her ability to combine several types of bodywork techniques to aid in everything from sports/recovery massage to injury and pain relief. I would strongly encourage anyone who lives an active lifestyle to investigate the benefits of regular bodywork from Meghan.” Scott Noble

“Hello, My name is Andrew and I’ve known Meghan Quinn for four years. During this time I have been extremely lucky enough to be one of her massage clients. In a word, she’s fantastic! I’m 60 years old and have been getting massages, from a variety of people, since my early 20’s. Among all of the massage therapists, I have worked with, Meghan is the best! She is not only very skillful; she is extremely sensitive and intuitive. During many of our sessions together, I have definitely had out of body experiences. My stress has been eliminated!!! The atmosphere in her office, is likewise, unparalleled. The space she provides is very quiet and calm both physically and spiritually. There is also an excellent choice of music to go with your massage.  From my experience, a massage with Meghan is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Language is too limiting to describe accurately the benefits you’ll receive. Treat yourself often…”  Andrew Rosenthal

“I have known Meghan Quinn professionally for nearly a decade and have been a loyal client of hers during this time. I will continue to support her services not only because of her steadfast will to continue to educate, expand, and practice her awareness of healing arts modalities and to personally share these teachings with her clients, but also because she has created a professional, clean, safe, and tranquil work environment. Not only is she an honest, fair, intelligent, and beautiful woman inside and out, but I believe in my 20+ years of receiving bodywork, that she is the best therapist that I have known to date. I trust and recommend Meghan.” D. Penrose