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Become initiated in the foundational lineage originating with Mikao Usui in Japan. Reiki is an easy-to-use healing modality where intelligent, Universal Life Force Energy is channeled through the hands, working only towards a recipient’s greater good. Anyone can learn this by taking a class from a Reiki Master Teacher who connects the student to the lineage through an attunement, which is an energy healing experience in and of itself. Reiki can be a profound step on one’s personal healing and spiritual path. Holy Fire Reiki (HFR) comes from pure unity consciousness and is here to purify, heal, and empower each of us. Students receive the ability to practice HFR in the 3rd, Master Practitioner level, yet receive its benefit from the attunements in levels 1 & 2.

A practitioner since 2000, and a teacher since 2007, Meghan holds high quality, deep, meditative (and fun!) Reiki classes of all levels in Eugene. Classes give a solid foundation of Reiki and also covers other topics related to Energy Medicine and the Chakra system, so students leave confident and well informed.

Holy Fire Usui Reiki Level 1: Saturday & Sunday March 10-11, 2018

Holy Fire Usui Reiki Level 2: Saturday & Sunday  April 14-15, 2018

Holy Fire Usui Reiki Master Practitioner: Thurs evening, May 24, Sat. May 26 – Sun. May 27, 2018.

Holy Fire Usui Reiki Master Teacher Training: As there is interest. Let Meghan know if you are.

Karuna Reiki® Levels 1 & 2: TBA

What students say:

“Let me start by saying how grateful I am for the serendipitous timing of your Reiki class. I had no idea how powerful an experience it was going to be.  Now on the other side of the 1st degree, I feel a depth of connection to myself and others I haven’t felt before.  Thank you for being a part of that.  I am over the moon excited about your next 2nd degree class.  I have been practicing pretty regularly on myself and have had some profound experiences with another that I’ve had a session with.  I find myself waking up at 5am and doing a short session and falling back into blissful sleep. Lovely!” ~Randy Jeremiah, Realtor, Eugene, OR

“I’ve been practicing Reiki for a long time and this weekend I attended Meghan Quinn’s Reiki training session for 1st degree Reiki. What a nice weekend. A lovely group of people and a wonderful teacher. Meghan’s teaching style is thorough and relaxed. I really appreciated her approach and guidance. If you’re interested in Reiki, I highly recommend taking a class with her.” ~Stacy Sellers, LMT

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