Prices reflect payment on the same day of service. Billing prices are different.

Refer a new client and receive $10  $20 off your next service, per referral.

All sessions are supported by Kangen water, the Amethyst Biomat, and high quality essential oils and are located in Meghan’s quiet home sanctuary space in South Eugene.


Shamanic Reiki Sessions

Come in to address transitions in your life, patterns you’d like to shift, and issues that feel stuck on the physical/emotional/mental/spiritual parts of your being.  We tune into what is needed in the moment, and sessions usually include a combination of Shamanic journeying, Reiki, and sound healing. Expect to take home exercises to support your long-term healing and integrate the work we do in your session. Meghan specializes in chakra work and empowering you, the client, to be your own healer.

1.5-2+ hours, sliding scale $100-$150IMG_0029


Bowenwork is a restorative  process of healing that, through gentle moves on specific points on muscles, ligaments, and tendons, assists your body to restructure and balance, calming the autonomic nervous system (fight or flight response), releasing chronic and acute tension/pain patterns affecting all of the body’s systems. Find out more about this effective modality here.

$70/session (around 90 min.) Initial intake session: $80. Series of 4 paid in advance: $240 (save $40). Schedule with a friend/family member at the same time and you each receive $10 off your session.  (I work in 2 rooms, so I can see 2 clients at once). Doing a series of sessions is highly recommended to experience resolution for the issues addressed. Even one session is usually deeply relaxing and balances energy.

Sound Healing

Experience a deep journey led through healing sound! Relax and let go while laying on an amethyst biomat on a carpeted floor, surrounded by metal and crystal singing bowls and gongs. Deeply rejuvenating, the vibration of sound penetrates deeply into the receiver to release and balance energy levels. A real treat!

$80 for 1 hour


Distance Holy Fire Reiki Session (by phone)

Includes an in-depth check-in, guided meditation, and optional divination card.

1 hour (total): $70

Birth Guidance and Birth Preparation Healing sessions

Sessions to support either/both parent(s) get in energetic alignment with the pregnancy/birthing experience as well as raise awareness about issues relate to birth and delivery that is often not thought about. This is done by letting go of fear and any past trauma related to birth in either/both parents’ past to support the most graceful, peaceful, and enjoyable birth experience as possible. Sessions may include intuitive guidance, technical birth considerations, Energy Medicine, Chakra work, shamanic techniques, and referrals to other birth professionals in the community. Best if done before conception but always a good time!

1.5-2 hours: $100-$150 (usually best to have 3 sessions before the birth)

Birth Doula Services including 3 birth preparation sessions

$800 +/- – contact Meghan for further info., limited availability


Outcall Healing in your home or event

This option is only available for special circumstances, such as if you have your own set-up in your home or you’re a couple who wants back-to-back sessions in your home. Added fee for travel time & set-up/clean-up depending on distance.


Classes and educational sessions/consultations:

I post upcoming classes on my website, but if you are interested in taking a class or hearing a lecture and have a group of 4 or more, please contact me to let me know.

*I recommend receiving a Reiki session before taking the classes. $10 off a session with me if you are a student before your class.*

Private class and attunement for: Usui Holy Fire Reiki 1st and 2nd Degree: $295 per level

Usui Holy Fire Reiki 1st or 2nd Degree group class: $195 – $225

Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master Practitioner Level (A.R.T Advanced Reiki Training), group class only: $295

Reiki Master Teacher Level: $195 + completion of the Master Practitioner/A.R.T class

Karuna Reiki® levels 1, 2, and Master: $275 each

Aroma Touch Technique Essential Oil Protocol 3 hour class, minimum 4 participants: $40 per person


You can find me each summer at the Oregon Country Fair at the Magic Hands bodywork booth #202 the second weekend in July in Veneta, OR.