Fertile Grounding Themes

February 20th, 2015  awake dna person

Heartspace Induction

My vision for Fertile Grounding is evolving into a supportive and transformational community platform for cultivating presence in the Heartspace. We will still be invited to step out of our daily lives and into the container where the potential for exploration, healing, and growth is more fertile due to our togetherness amplifying a shared vision. However, my intention is for there to be more continuity between the magical experience of a specified sacred space and the living of our daily lives in the default world. Let’s take the potency, insight, and catharsis that we experience in our dances, celebrations, and ceremonies (not just FG but in other events as well) and build our capabilities for living it in any moment.

The first FG of 2015 will focus on gaining more awareness of the limitations of the cortex Mind (though a necessary part of our humanity) who is usually running the show and moving our awareness down into our Heart Mind. I will guide you with my voice through some meditations, and the bulk of the time will be spent moving through a musical soundscape in the ways authentic to you.

You’re encouraged to bring a journal, if writing helps you process your experience. Since the heart is where we cultivate love, there will be an altar space honoring this exploration of love and specifically the purity of this potent, God energy that is beyond the boundaries of words and specific people. Please bring your own heart-love inspirations to add to the altar, which you will then take home with you at the evening’s end.

To close our time together, those who are willing may stay to share their epiphanies and wisdom to the group. This event is still unfolding in my own creative field, so there’s not many more specifics I can give at this time. Please join me in the mystery in which the Heart is the one leading and sharing these teachings.

cascadia streamOctober

Cascadia Rising (mostly the same theme as September, because it was cancelled.)

As we settle into autumn, mark time with intentionality in an evening of dance and prayer to honor our beautiful, sacred Cascadia bioregion! Something drew us here, to the Great Northwest; this land holds us, from sunrise to sundown, as we live our daily lives, working and playing, resting and dreaming. This Fertile Grounding, book ended by eclipses, we will explore the diversity and magic of the lands, waters, living creatures, and climates, offering our gratitude and appreciation to the many ways in which we are fed here and to the ancestors who came before. On the flip-side, there will be space for grieving the disrespect and damage to our precious homeland and First Peoples. We will utilize the potency of our group energies by joining together in shared intention to cultivate prayers of healing and protection for our dear, Mother Gaia Cascadia. An introduction to the idea and intention of awakening our Indigenous Soul will also be explored this month as an opening to a deeper exploration in future Fertile Groundings.

Altar Co-Creation! Please bring altar items that hold significance to your connection to this land that you will then take home with you at the evening’s close. A rattle or shaker is also welcomed as well as a reminder to bring your journal if you like to write down insights throughout the evening.

Date: Friday, October 17th, 730-10pm

summer celebrationJuly/August

Summer Soiree: Celebrate Life!

It’s the apex of the summer season and the energy is high! Join community in a beautiful space on beautiful land to honor all that you are, the easy and the difficult, embracing, accepting, and allowing our natural impulses. Let us bask in the warmth and unfold even more petals of the blossom that is our life as we lean to the light, together, in dance, song, breath, ritual, intention setting, art, and tea ceremony. This is an evening to open and share yourself with each other to a celebratory sound-scape meant to assist us in dropping into ourselves.

Summer dress-up encouraged (that you can still dance and sweat in of course….)! I see this as an evening to “party” in a conscious way. I invite you to come to be seen and witness others in their fullness. Please still arrive on-time for settling in before we circle, but after the music set, I intend for open time for folks to linger and connect into the later evening.

Please bring a flower or two to add to the community bouquet on the altar. There will also be a water blessing ceremony, so bring a water container, so you can bring some home with you at the end of the evening.

Cypress will be providing supportive, healing teas in tea ceremony fashion during the evening.


still water sky in movementJune

Stilling of the Wave

The world we inhabit is that of vibration, and we are constantly effected by the fields of vibration we are surrounded by. If we travel to either end of the frequency spectrum we find stillness. When slowing down to no-movement, yin, there is stillness. When speeding up to faster rates of vibration, yang, all waves and particles merge together until there is again a type of nothingness. Currently, during this Summer Solstice time frame, we are at the yang end of this polarity, where the Sun’s presence lingers longest and closest, and a deep stillness can be cultivated amongst the bright illumination and activity.

This Fertile Grounding, practice dropping out of the collective vibration of fear that encapsulates our planet in a stress aura. Notice if you have been hooked in restless doings and/or stagnant stuck-ness, keeping your adrenals fatigued and seeds of purpose from growing. Allow whatever is happening around to continue as-is in being-ness, without judgment. We each arrived here as a delicate bud that cannot be forced into flowering. There is a divine timing, as we are part of a far greater flow than we can see. Restraint is a necessary gift we can embody when we surrender control over the timing and the pathways our intentions take to manifest; to allow our lives to unfold without urgent demand and in service to Humanity.

As we each practice occupying space outside of all vibration in the stillness, the incredible sheath of fear and stress created by the world’s aura will touch us less and less. We exist in the time of outer pause, what has been called Enlightenment, Bliss, and The Void, where the greatest growth can occur. From this place of non-interference, we can trust the unfolding of our petals and that the scattering of our intention seeds will bear fruit and ripen at the perfect time.

vortex abyssMay

Leaping into the Void

In these times of uncertainty, the old structures are crumbling at a quickening rate in the old Story of Separation, and it can feel difficult to make steps forward into the new Story of Reunion. This is a movement that depends on our own inner compass, as there is no map to grasp onto for safety anymore, and it can seem like we are digging new trail as we go. Fear of the unknown can freeze us in patterns of half-heartedness, where worry, doubt, and heaviness can hold us back from committing (as well as over-committing) to things, keeping us stagnant, scattered, and unreliable. This Fertile Grounding is created as a container to reunite you with your inner guidance. Discover which commitments have run their course and are ready to be shed, and from there, clarity may be reached as to where in your life you are ready to fully commit your energies and focus. In doing so, you will have the support from the Universe to cross the abyss into the future that is yet unknown. This is about getting clear, being decisive, and trusting that you will have the support you need to face any challenges that will inevitably show up along the journeys ahead. This is where personal power can be claimed and the new story can be adopted with more ease and grace. Dance and move into these commitments with fellow travelers; let us enter into this new, beautiful story of Union, together.

baby visionary artApril

Spring Re-Birth into Being Guided Meditation Experience

The quality of our entry into this life including conception, gestation in the womb, birth, and early childhood significantly impacts our current life experience on all levels. Most people in our modern world experienced a combination of less-than-ideal if not traumatic first moments of life leading to disempowering core values and messages that we unconsciously lead our lives from, suppressing the truth of our divine nature and gifts. (Examples: I am not wanted. Love equals pain. I am not loveable. I must perform a certain way to receive love. I am not enough.)

 Through guided movement and meditation, Meghan will lead you on a journey where you will choose how you enter into this earthly, human existence. Through this re-coding meditation, you create new reference points of safety, peace, unconditional love, and the truth of the intrinsic goodness of who you are. This Fertile Grounding experience is one way to support our re-connection to Source on the cellular levels.

 Please bring a journal, pen, and bedding to make a comfy “nest” space to lie on (pad, blanket, pillow, etc.), and an eye mask. Please arrive on time, so you can settle into the space and be ready to circle at 715pm for discourse and instructions on how the evening will unfold.

heartsprout womanMarch

Sprouting the Seeds of Remembrance

Within each of us is a precious gem, a seed, which contains the data for activating our most divine expression. From this source is the promise of a familiar mission that we came here to fulfill. We are who we are through all time eternal, but if we do not recognize ourselves and honor our sacred path, our gift to the world billows in the breeze as merely a shadow of our grandeur. Let us take our cue from Nature who is presently amidst the re-birth from winter to spring. Emerge from the hibernation of illusion and distraction and cultivate your soil for your sacred seed to germinate and take root. Tend to your heart’s garden, the place where truth and knowing yearns to flourish, with music and dance as instigators of remembrance.

“If you don’t know the kind of person I am, and I don’t know the kind of person you are, a pattern that others made may prevail in the world and following the wrong God home we may miss our star” William Stafford


The Elementals: Engaging with the primal ingredients of our Earthly stew.
Come! Commune with the primary building blocks of existence. Air, Fire, Water, and Earth; the 4 directions, the 4 seasons, the 4 tarot suites, the 4 guides who dance together to shape our environment, moods, and chemistry in this laboratory of body and Gaia. Sink into your unique relationship with these forces of nature which are intrinsic to our every breath of life. Oftentimes their wisdom is forgotten and ignored, their power misused and disrespected, and a resulting imbalance and catastrophe ensue, both in our existential and physical realities. I invite you to revive your connection to these forces and align with them as allies, as our ancestors of this land once did. This is also a call to engage in the power of the Group Mind to collaborate in common vision, intention, and prayer in support of the healing and return to balance of Mother Earth at this crucial time.


Exploring Ground Zero, The Fool archetype, the human embryonic state. Sink into the truth of unlimited potential. Each moment can be framed as a new beginning. The Fool teaches us that we already have all of the tools and resources within us to live the life of our deepest purpose. Tune into openness, trust, spontaneity, courage, and creativity to take quantum leaps and explore what it is to live free, connected to your heart’s voice. Remember how to see through the eyes of a playful child, where the world is a magical universe, brimming with possibility. This is where we begin